The Client had never had an issue with his taxes, filing his returns and addressing any balances due. However, one day he received a notice from the IRS that he owed over $10,000 due to an audit assessment they performed against his 2015 return. The IRS determined that the client had underreported his income, and assessed him with additional income of almost $30,000. The IRS had taken aggressive enforcement actions against the Client and collected the entire balance due before he reached out to Dickmann Tax Group.

The associate at Dickmann reviewed the Client’s original return, the filing documents on record, and the assessment made by the IRS. The associate determined that the IRS had made a mistake in their assessment, and over-assessed the Client’s income and tax balance due. Based on this information Dickmann Tax Group filed a request for reconsideration of the audit and argued the IRS’s mathematical mistake. The IRS accepted the corrections as presented by Dickmann Tax Group, corrected the tax return, and refunded the Client over $9,000!  The Client’s account is now fully compliant and accurate.