Successful Amended Tax Returns

by Dickmann Tax Group Team

Example of Amended Returns

As a real estate professional, the client struggled with knowing what he could, or could not, include with his tax write-offs.  He reached out to Dickmann Tax Group to assist with his business bookkeeping and tax returns.  Dickmann Tax Group assisted him in making sure he had the correct tools for his business to confirm he was adhering to IRS laws, but also taking advantage of tax savings at the same time.  However, he filed a tax return with a large balance due and though he was fortunate enough to be able to pay the tax balance, he was received significant penalties, fees, and interest.

Dickmann Tax Group reached out to the IRS and negotiated on behalf of the client with regards to the penalties and interest.  Through our legal arguments and using the IRS code against them, Dickmann Tax Group was able to release just under $50,000 in penalties and interest from the account, ensuring the client was not burdened with the debt, and providing the client with an outstanding tax debt settlement. The client is now able to focus on running his business, and keeping up with his current tax payments, all through the help from Dickmann Tax Group. 

Tax Returns, fixed.

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Amended Tax Return
Kyle Dickmann, Dickmann Tax Group, Owner

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Kyle founded Dickmann Tax Group in 2013 after seeing an opportunity to provide his clients with effective representation but at a price that fits within their budget. When not in office, he can usually be found spending time in the Colorado mountains with his wife Kinsey.