The clients owed a substantial amount to the IRS.  Due to the high amount they owed, the IRS was aggressive with their collection efforts, causing a great deal of anxiety.  The clients were constantly worried about levies and garnishments and were unable to make the high monthly payments the IRS kept trying to require.

After speaking with a representative from Dickmann Tax Group, the clients were interested in working with us based upon our detailed plan of action to keep them protected from enforced collections by the IRS.  After doing their due diligence and looking into our positive reviews from numerous previous clients, they decided the price was favorable for their budget and decided to come onboard.  We were immediately able to keep them protected from any levies by the IRS.  After just a short time we were ultimately able to secure a settlement after demonstrating the hardship repayment would cause, relieving the client’s anxieties and helping them put this issue to rest.