The Clients are small business owners from Claremont, North Carolina. They began working with Dickmann Tax Group in June of 2019 to assist with aggressive collections against employment and individual tax debts owed. The Clients had worked with bad accountants in the past that had given them bad advice, leading to a significant tax balance against them. When they began work with Dickmann Tax Group the IRS was still trying to secure employment returns, despite the fact they had not had employees for over a decade (the prior accountant had never resolved the filing dispute). Dickmann was able to resolve the filing dispute, and close the filing requirements against the business in order to proceed with negotiating against the debt.

In the course of the case, the account was assigned to an aggressive Revenue Officer. Dickmann Tax Group complied with the requests of the agent, providing all necessary documentation and a proposal for resolution. The agent blatantly refused to accept the proposal and issued blanket levies against the client’s accounts receivable and bank accounts. In response, Dickmann Tax Group advised the clients as to what should/shouldn’t be paid to the IRS (saving them significantly in collecting their client fees), but also filed an appeal against the agents actions. After presenting our case to the Appeals Officer, the levy action taken by the Revenue Officer was reversed and the agent was ordered to release all levies that had been issued.
Dickmann Tax Group continues to work with the clients and the Revenue Officer to secure an amicable agreement that will allow the clients to continue to run a successful business, while addressing their back debt based on their ability to pay, not what the IRS wants to collect.