Successful Not-Collectible Status

by Dickmann Tax Group Team

Example Not-Collectible Status

The client owed a significant amount of past due taxes to the IRS that he simply could not afford to pay back. He was on a payment plan with the IRS, but the payments were becoming difficult, if not impossible, to make every month. With the IRS unwilling to adjust the amount of his monthly payments, he wasn't sure what to do about his dilemma.

That's when he reached out to Dickmann Tax Group. He decided to work with us based upon our numerous positive reviews from clients we had secured favorable outcomes for. Once aboard, we were immediately able to stop all payments to the IRS while also keeping him protected from collection efforts such as levies and garnishment.  By clearly showing the IRS the financial hardship repayment would cause, Dickmann Tax was able to secure a not-collectible status, meaning the client would not have to pay ANYTHING back while in his current financial hardship status.  This meant: no more payment plan to the IRS, no more worrying at night about the debt, and finally able to just move on with his life!

Garnishment Protection.

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