A Sample of our Success Stories

Tax Lien, removed.

The client worked with Dickmann Tax Group to resolve a tax debt caused by the IRS taxing her due to forgiven debts from a business she had recently shut down.  After Dickmann Tax Group secured the tax debt settlement for her (removing over $560,000 in debt), the IRS attempted to then tax her again because the debt was forgiven!

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Complete Elimination of IRS Estate related tax debt

The client was unfortunately a recent widower and had been working with several financial institutions to close his late wife's accounts and estate. He was given bad advice when closing her investment accounts and as a result the IRS audited his tax return for not reporting complete income; proposing a tax assessment of $30,000 (including penalties and interest). He sought the assistance of Dickmann Tax Group to correct the tax assessment and prevent enforced collection actions such as levies from the IRS (including a possible wage garnishment).   

Tax Penalties, gone.

Owing a substantial amount of back taxes, the clients had previously agreed to a high payment plan with the IRS that they were unable to afford.  To make matters worse, the IRS wanted to increase their monthly payment amount.  Not knowing what to do, the clients reached out to Dickmann Tax Group for assistance.