The clients sought help from Dickmann Tax Group beginning in early 2019. They were a newly married couple with a young family. Prior to their marriage, the wife had accrued a $15,000+ tax balance while unemployed and resorted to living off her inheritance to support herself and her baby. For the tax year 2018, they had chosen to file a joint tax return (for a greater overall refund), and the husband (who was also the primary household earner) had his share of the refund taken (just over $7,700), and applied to the wife’s debt; a balance which he was not responsible for. They sought the help of Dickmann Tax Group in order to secure a return of the husband’s share of the refund, as well as settle the wife’s prior balance due.

Dickmann Tax Group immediately filed an injured spouse request for the 2018 tax period to secure a return of the funds that were previously captured. This action resulted in a return of almost the entire refund (to include accrued interest). By the same measure, Dickmann Tax Group also ensured that, when preparing the 2019 income tax return, the refund due to the husband was also not taken by the IRS – this resulted on the taxpayer’s receiving a refund of just over $4,700 (out of a total $4,900 that was due back). Overall, the taxpayer’s were saved over $12,600 in tax refund savings that would have otherwise been taken by the IRS and applied to the wife’s tax debt.
Lastly, in order to settle the wife’s prior balance, Dickmann Tax Group filed a financial hardship Offer In Compromise settlement proposal, for a total settlement of $100 against her total balance (including penalties and interest). The Offer was accepted without any additional negotiations necessary with the Offer Agent, expediting the overall case resolution. Through the expertise and representation of Dickmann Tax Group, the taxpayer’s saved a total of over $27,000, and are on track to maintain a good record with the IRS and receive all their future joint tax refunds.