Successful Contesting of IRS Estate related tax debt

by Dickmann Tax Group Team

Example Release of Debt

The client was unfortunately a recent widower and had been working with several financial institutions to close his late wife's accounts and estate. He was given bad advice when closing her investment accounts and as a result the IRS audited his tax return for not reporting complete income; proposing a tax assessment of $30,000 (including penalties and interest). He sought the assistance of Dickmann Tax Group to correct the tax assessment and prevent enforced collection actions such as levies from the IRS (including a possible wage garnishment). 

In review of the IRS tax debt assessment and the taxpayer's tax return and tax documentation, it was determined that the trigger event that the IRS was attempting to charge tax against, was, in fact, a non-taxable event (meaning the IRS should have not been taxing him!). Dickmann Tax Group presented the documentation and argument against the tax assessment, and the IRS reluctantly agreed there was no additional tax balance due. The account was amended to a $0 balance owed, the taxpayer was able to walk free from the attempt at debt collections.

Estate Protection.

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Removal of IRS Estate related income tax debt
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