Successful Removal of Tax Penalties and Reduction of Debt

by Dickmann Tax Group Team

Example Penalty Removal

Owing a substantial amount of back taxes, the clients had previously agreed to a high payment plan with the IRS that they were unable to afford.  To make matters worse, the IRS wanted to increase their monthly payment amount.  Not knowing what to do, the clients reached out to Dickmann Tax Group for assistance.

The Associate assigned to their case wasted no time immediately stopping the burdensome payment plan.  Upon review of the case, the associate discovered that they qualified for a hardship protected minimal payment plan.  Additionally, Dickmann Tax Group was also able to remove tax penalties from their account, further saving them substantial amounts of money and sleepless nights.

Bye Bye Tax Penalties.

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What Can I Settle For?
Tax Penalty Removal, First Time IRS Tax Penalty Abatement
Kyle Dickmann, Dickmann Tax Group, Owner

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Kyle founded Dickmann Tax Group in 2013 after seeing an opportunity to provide his clients with effective representation but at a price that fits within their budget. When not in office, he can usually be found spending time in the Colorado mountains with his wife Kinsey.