Successful Release of IRS Tax Lien

by Dickmann Tax Group Team

Example of a Tax Lien Release

The client worked with Dickmann Tax Group to resolve a tax debt caused by the IRS taxing her due to forgiven debts from a business she had recently shut down.  After Dickmann Tax Group secured the tax debt settlement for her (removing over $560,000 in debt), the IRS attempted to then tax her again because the debt was forgiven!

The associate looked into the matter and determined that the IRS was obviously in the wrong and filed the necessary arguments to have the lien released. After several back-and-forth negotiations with the IRS, the associate team was able to secure the lien release for the full amount (saving her thousands of dollars, again).

Throughout the service, Dickmann Tax Group was thorough and a bulldog with the IRS... ensuring the client got their debt settled and the liens released (for over $560,000!! See the notice below).

Tax Lien, gone.

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Successful Release of IRS Tax Lien
Kyle Dickmann, Dickmann Tax Group, Owner

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